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    Productivity Analysis and Return on Investment

At Concorde, we believe that every project should be geared towards tangible results. The end result should be an increase in productivity, a decrease in cost or an improvement in customer service. To measure improvements, we perform a productivity analysis at the start and end of projects.

Two ways to increase productivity are to eliminate non-productive and/or non-value added work. Non-productive work includes tasks such as copying and filing that can be eliminated through technology (e.g., imaging or workflow software). Non-value added work includes any tasks or activities which do not contribute to your desired outcomes.

We take the output of the productivity analysis study and use it as the input on the return on investment.

Executive coaching - Concorde provides executive coaching on topics such as gaining efficiencies in your office, maximizing you budget and managing and leading effectively as well as other executive related techniques.


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The crew was fantastic, everyone was polite and helpful and took the time to ask questions. They take great pride in their work. Thank you for the outstanding help.




This was spectacular. I wish it was done every couple of years.

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